Pioneering web3 marketing: Equip your brand with a web3 layer and unlock new opportunities


The web3 era is redefining marketing, offering brands innovative ways to connect with consumers and foster loyalty.

To stay ahead of the curve and benefit from this paradigm shift, it's crucial for brands to adopt web3 strategies.

The loyalty program Starbucks Odyssey NFTs stamp collection is, for me, one of the great examples and references to follow.

In this blog post, I´ll discuss how to tokenize your brand and leverage web3 marketing to become a pioneer in this new space.

Create Your Web3 Identity

To begin with web3 marketing, establish your brand's presence in this space:

a. Open a wallet on MetaMask

b. Register your own ENS domain

Issue Your Own Social Tokens

Create social tokens for your consumers to use as access keys to exclusive experiences and benefits in online and real-world environments.

Create Your Own NFT Collection to

a. Narrate and preserve your brand's stories

b. Help create a sense of community and exclusivity

c. Encourage participation

d. Drive brand loyalty

Conduct Token Airdrops

Distribute your brand tokens to:

a. Strengthen emotional bonds with consumers

b. Boost "advocacy marketing"

c. Recognize customer loyalty

Design POAP Tokens

Create your own POAP tokens to:

a. Certify customer attendance at digital and real-world IRL events

b. Reward customer attention

c. Leave a lasting impression of the interaction experience with your brand

Build Community in Native Web3 Spaces

Engage with your audience on platforms like Common Ground, which cater to the web3 community

Leverage Twitter for Web3 Marketing

Maintain a strong presence on Twitter, as it's a must-go platform for the web3 community:

a. Create relevant web3 content around your brand

b. Encourage conversation with your followers and the accounts you follow

c. Hold regular Twitter Spaces sessions and reward your audience's time with POAPs

d. Incorporate the actions you take with your brand tokens into your narrative

e. Tell stories of your tokenized brand through Twitter threads

Get ahead of the game and tokenize your brand to unlock new opportunities in the web3 era.

By embracing web3 marketing strategies, you can foster strong connections with your consumers, encourage loyalty and engagement, and differentiate yourself from competitors.

The future of marketing lies in web3 – don't miss the chance to win.

Ángel González

Header image credit: Starbucks Odyssey Siren Collection


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